On behalf of the whole Tamara team, we welcome everyone luck and success in your application with us. Tamara is committed to the highest standard of honesty and integrity in all activities. Below are some of the concerns that all Tamara employees new and old should practice:

 Dealing with Customers, Colleagues and others on Good Faith

 Fostering Respect, Values and acknowledging obligations and responsibilities

 Preserving Confidentiality at all times

 Compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations

All employees new and old are reminded that they are an important reflection of  the company image to the customers, everyone then should follow business ethics seriously, practice work and telephone etiquette strictly and keep in mind confidentiality at all times.

We are happy to welcome anyone to be part of our team. Being selected to join already implies that he/she has competitive advantages in terms of knowledge and skills. Tamara Foodstuff Trading is looking forward to help new employees to develop more their personal and professional skills and achieve career advancement and growth as per company standard. An applicant’s qualifications and experience are going to be put to good use as the company move into the following months, and the Management are eagerly anticipating the positive impact he/she is going to have with the company.

Tamara believes that each employee contributes directly to the company’s growth and success and Tamara hopes all employees will take pride in being a member of the team.