Import Export

Tamara Foodstuff Trading import market premium high quality demandable food and beverages from Local Markets and international. On the other hand we export our products to regional and international markets.

We have established a long term business and personal relationship with suppliers and customers sharing the mutual belief of Integrity, Reliability and Trustworthiness.

Products Development

Tamara Foodstuff Trading Offers brand management services. Our focus is not only on the distribution of products to you, but also boost brand awareness and growth. As we are responsible for the following aspects: Product Registration, approval and development, Brand Positioning and Price strategy, Distribution and Promotion assistance, Product and packaging solutions, Added value services, Private labeling.

Distribution and Supply Chain

Tamara Foodstuff Trading’s logistic and distribution center mirrors UAE’s emergence as a trading hub.

We have a stable factory network, waiting for our orders of any quantity. And we have strategically situated our office and warehouse to allow easy access and maintain the highest standards and follow regulatory requirements. It is our aim to deal with reliability.